Android Method Trace Generation and Analysis

Oct 11, 2017
Analyse the generation of Android method traces, including different methods to generate trace files. Write a command-line tools to run Android Method Trace on the fly.
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The Profiler tool in Android Studio 3.0 has made significant progress compared to the 2.0 version. I have reviewed the relevant source code and recorded the following information:

Generating Trace Files

There are two main ways to generate trace files as mentioned in the official documentation.


The first method involves adding code to your project:
This will generate the trace file.


The second method involves using ddms/Android Monitor to manually generate the trace file. ddms relies on a library called ddmlib, which can be found in the Android SDK at tools/lib/ddmlib-*.jar.
There are not many articles available about ddmlib, but you can refer to the following resources: Hidden Boss - Getting Started with ddmlib and Using adb with ddmlib, Building Framework Libraries.

Command-line Tool

While exploring the source code, I encountered numerous challenges and wrote a command-line tool called AndroidMethodTraceRunner.
To use it, run the following command: $ java -jar mtr.jar -p com.your.package -o output.trace -t 10 to trace for 10 seconds. Please note that it requires Java 8 to run.
There are two main issues to be aware of:
  1. AndroidDebugBridge.init(true) - If set to false, the client cannot be accessed.
  1. You must close ddms and the Studio monitor/profiler, otherwise, they will preempt the client and cause a connection failure.
Here are a few key concepts related to ddmlib:
  • Bridge - adb
  • Device - the connected device
  • Client - the application
The main code snippet is as follows:

Android Studio

However, Android Studio 3.0 does not use ddmlib.
The general call stack is as follows:

Trace Parsing/Reading


ddms or Android Studio 2.0/IntelliJ IDEA can directly open trace files, but they are not as user-friendly as the profiler in Android Studio 3.0.
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Command Line Tool

Based on the above analysis I wrote a command line tool based on ddmlib to run Android Method Trace on the fly.

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